Welcome to my little piece of internet.

The name of this blog, “Cakes and Ale”, is taken from a quote in Twelfth Night, my favourite Shakespeare play. During an argument between the hedonistic, booze-loving Sir Toby and the dour, puritanical steward Malvolio, Sir Toby cries out “Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?”, which basically means “do you think that, just because you’re not into getting mash-up and having a hoe-down, you can stop us from getting our freak on?!” – a rephrasing which I’m sure The Bard himself would approve of.

Photo from www.mckellen.com

Ian McKellen as Sir Toby Belch, with Bob Peck as Malvolio

I consider myself to be something of a hedonist, and this line has always resonated with me, as I share Sir Tobester’s attitude that the straight-laced should not try to impinge on the good times.

In light of that, this blog will follow the theme of being about whatever I dam well please. There will be some serious posts, some less-than-serious ones, most likely a fair amount of batshit-insane ones, and probably a whole load about books and literally frolics.

Shakey Got To Get Paid

Did you know that when Hamlet asks Ophelia “Do you think I meant country matters?” Shax is using an old favourite pun of his – that is, the use of the “Cunt” sound in “country” to infer sexytimes. So…yeah. Stick that in your A – Level lit essay. I dare you. (I did).




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